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AppNexus Tightens Grip on Video Ad Marketplace with Viewability Offering

AppNexus Tightens Grip on Video Ad Marketplace with Viewability Offering

AppNexus is continuing to spearhead a new movement in online video ad trading, with another bid to build legitimacy around video inventory.

The independent ad tech leader has rolled out a viewability measurement ‘solution’ in beta, to be available to its clients free of charge at the end of the quarter on both instream and outstream video inventory.

It’s the latest move by the firm to tighten its grasp on the online video advertising industry, that’s so far lagged behind display in terms of its conception for transparency and viewability.

The ad tech firm recently launched anti-latency technology, aimed at dramatically cutting sluggish video ad load times, which are wont to turn a large portion of users away.

The group’s SVP of video technology, Eric Hoffert, called the rollout a “key step” in building a “frictionless video marketplace”.

“AppNexus is setting a high bar by bringing video viewability across our entire platform, which promotes greater transparency and inventory quality for buyers while rewarding publishers with high viewability rates.”

No single definition

The solution will recognise the IAB definition of viewable video, of at least 50% of the pixels being in view for at least two seconds, but AppNexus says it will also accommodate tailored metrics based around clients’ objectives.

That could include the complex GroupM definition, for example, which counts a video impression as viewable on the basis that 100% of pixels are in view for 50% of the duration, with sound on, and the user clicking ‘play’ to initiate.

“Viewability support is a huge step forward for video buyers seeking to meet and exceed critical campaign goals, such as high video viewability and completion rates,” vouched CTO of AppNexus client Twelvefold, Jay Budzik.

“AppNexus yielded double the viewability compared to other video solutions we tested.”

The latest upgrades to the full service platform’s technology stack suggest it’s limbering up to further advance its online advertising monopoly, with the video ad marketplace presenting a hotly-contested arena at present.  

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