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Infographic Shows Who's Spending the Most on Audience Data

Infographic Shows Who's Spending the Most on Audience Data

Companies across a breadth of sectors may be investing heavily in third-party data with the aim of ramping up their customer acquisition efforts, but who is spending the most?

That question may lay claim to a solid answer following extensive research from ad tech group Eyeota...

With over 1.5 billion customer profiles to its name, the company supplies third-party audience data to various members of the advertising industry and has dived into its own banks for information to determine both the biggest and fastest-growing investors.

In an infographic shared exclusively with PerformanceIN, the group also reveals the places where data investments have ramped up the most, along with the most popular forms of data. 

Here are the results in full:

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Richard Towey

Richard Towey

Richard serves as head of content at PerformanceIN. After many years spent covering developments from the automotive, sports, travel and finance sectors, he eventually turned his full attention to reporting on stories from the fast-evolving world of digital marketing. Richard now heads up the editorial team at PerformanceIN: the performance marketing industry's leading publication.  

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