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Poll: Does the Future Success of Advertising Rely on Complete Transparency?
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Poll: Does the Future Success of Advertising Rely on Complete Transparency?

No small number of brands choose to market themselves on their commitment to a transparent service. Tom Triscari, chief executive of Yieldr, told PerformanceIN last month that his company "solves the evolving complex needs of programmatic advertisers with the most transparent platform and disposition in the marketplace".

In no other area is the issue of transparency more hotly debated than that of native advertising. Content recommendation platform Outbrain recently announced a new set of guidelines in an effort to improve transparency within its own media network. After seeing a promotion banned by the UK Advertising Standard Authority, the group responded to a complaint by a visitor being directed to an independent website, which was deemed non-identifiable as advertising.

Outbrain’s co-founder and CEO Yaron Galai stated the company's new rules were guiding principles which the entire industry should adopt. He added that "Placing audience satisfaction and trust first and foremost will future-proof our whole industry for growth”.

While you mull over recent events, do you agree that transparency is integral to modern advertising? Does the long-term success of advertising rely on complete transparency?

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