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Poll Results: Are IAB Guidelines Enough to Discourage Ad ‘Camouflaging’?

Poll Results: Are IAB Guidelines Enough to Discourage Ad ‘Camouflaging’?

Each week PerformanceIN uses its reader poll to gauge the general consensus around some of the most hotly debated issues surrounding the advertising industry.

On Monday we gave you chance to vote on the question Are IAB Guidelines Enough to Discourage Ad ‘Camouflaging’ by Publishers? And the results are in..  

Join us for next week's poll on the meaning of Programmatic.

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Mark  Jones

Mark Jones

Editorial Executive at PerformanceIN. Mark reports performance marketing news and manages PI's network of guest contributors.

Originally from Plymouth, Mark studied in Reading and London, eventually earning his Master's in Digital Journalism- before making his return to the West Country to join the PI team in Bristol.

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