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Smartphone usage bolsters in-store conversion rates

Smartphone usage bolsters in-store conversion rates

Research by Deloitte Digital has shown 74% of smartphone-touting shoppers who check a brand’s mobile presence whilst shopping end up making a purchase. In comparison, 66% didn’t. The findings point to brand investment in mobile sites and apps as money well spent.

Additional statistics disclosed that the mobile phone influences around 6% of in-store retail sales in the UK, which is the equivalent of £15.2 billion a year. The figure is close to double the value of direct purchases made through mobiles, which is estimated at £8 billion in 2012.

Rakuten LinkShare’s MD, Mark Haviland, thinks these results show the current appetite for mobile-based consumerism. “The fact that nearly half of all smartphone users use their device to research products when shopping shows that today’s shopper is hungry for information,” he said.

A smartphone future

Looking to the future, the digital arm of professional services firm, Deloitte, is predicting more than 80% of consumers will own a smartphone by 2016. It also envisages between 15% and 18% of in-store sales will be smartphone-influenced, which is equivalent to £35-43 billion.

The electronics sector is one of the most impacted by smartphone use. It influences 10% of UK store sales and a rise to 30% of sales by 2016 is predicted. On the other hand, supermarkets see less of an impact with only 3.8% of sales influenced.

Head of multichannel retail at Deloitte Digital believes the contactless payment future will lead to stores looking very different. “Retailers need to plan for a world where banks of till points are no longer required and prepare to fully exploit the opportunities that mobile presents,” he advised.

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Simon Holland

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