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Tradedoubler launches Mobile Affiliate app for 'on-the-go' stats checking

Tradedoubler launches Mobile Affiliate app for 'on-the-go' stats checking

Initially available on the Android mobile operating system, Tradedoubler's mobile application allows affiliates to keep track of their activities, and is touted on the app's landing page within the Play Store as "a must have for any affiliate who wants to stay updated when on the go. If you are working with affiliate marketing this will allow you to get an instant snapshot of how your sites are doing, wherever you are."

Keep track of:

  • Your account balance
  • Your statistics for each site (commission, clicks, impressions, sales and leads)
  • Your statistics for the time periods: today, this week and this month

Affiliates can download the app here.

As networks begin the battle for mobile supremacy within the performance marketing space, Tradedoubler join Zanox as a network with a mobile application. Zanox launched their mobile application store in November last year.

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