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Thread: How to use a data feed

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    How to use a data feed


    I know this is a massive question but I am new to website creation and am lost.

    I have serif webplus x2 which so far seems pretty good.
    I understand how to link to my database with a feed from AWIN.

    however I have no idea how use the link url and the image url to create a image you can click on that will work as a link.

    Also is it possible for someone to sort the list as they view the site?

    answers to these questions or any advice for data feeds etc would be great.



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    Re: How to use a data feed

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin_T View Post
    I understand how to link to my database with a feed from AWIN.
    What do you mean by this? Do you mean you know how to setup a database and import the products into it?

    If yes then you will need to write a script to display them, which, as you are using serif webplus I would guess would be beyond you.

    But then why reinvent the wheel? There are scripts about that will do the job for you. Which script you go for really depends upon what end result you want.

    The two most popular are Affilistore and Price Tapestry. Affilistore is free and will set up the database, import the products and basically set up a store for you.

    Price Tapestry is not free but is much more flexible and can integrate easier with a site if you already have one up and running.

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    Hi, I just feel the need to endorse the comments by Babrees. I found Price Tapestry by accident and I was not too sure about it at first because of the cost to my small business. You do need to be careful, there's not doubt about that; it's far too easy to spend money and get nothing for it. Anyway. Price Tapestry - Price Tapestry | Affiliate Price Comparison Script for PHP and MySQL

    It's brilliant, no question and David, (the owner/developer/magician), is so helpful you wouldn't believe. However, I do sense a cautionary note; if you don't have any knowledge whatsoever about even the simplest programming syntax, then it might be a long haul for you. That said, this forum is here to help. So, ask by all means but, don't expect people to drop everything to help you. We are all small to medium size fish trying to survive in a big pond.

    All my sites run on wordpress but the feeds are displayed by the Price Tapestry engine - have a look at one http://www.247pampering.com/
    Take the advice and invest in Price Tapestry and if you get stuck with loading or parsing feeds then don't be frightened to ask here for help.
    Good Luck

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