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Thread: Comic Relief 2009 - Add your joke

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    Comic Relief 2009 - Add your joke


    I hadn't realised there was a new dedicated charity forum on a4u, great idea!

    Well anyone who thinks they're a bit of a comedian can now enter their very best joke on bigjokebook.co.uk and in return give a small donation to comic relief 2009.

    The site launched yesterday in Cabot Circus in Bristol, where we got loads of the locals to sit on our sofa and tell us a joke. We made so much noise that the local BBC news people even came by to see what was going on, and we were featured on the news! Very exciting!

    Anyway the video will hopefully soon be available to view on the site, so you can see what was going on. But in the meantime add your joke today (you can even include a link back to your website for all you SEO pro's out there).


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    Re: Comic Relief 2009 - Add your joke

    Nice site Tom... do you have any press release type stuff that you can email over?

    Media Site: Loquax Ltd
    Publisher Site: Loquax

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