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Thread: WSPA Increase CPA on dgm!

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    WSPA Increase CPA on dgm!

    Fantastic CPA offer on WSPA!

    We are very pleased to announce an increased CPA of 25 for all direct debit donations on the WSPA affiliate program! Our current affiliates will see an increased CPA from 15 to 25, one of the highest CPA’s in the charity sector- this is not an opportunity to be missed!

    For all credit card donations over 2 you can earn 10% of the basket value.

    WSPA is an established animal welfare charity, with more than 25 years worth of experience of promoting animal welfare- particularly in regions of the world where there are few measures to protect animals.

    Their work includes campaigning to convince governments to introduce new laws to protect the welfare of animals, providing direct help to animals caught up in natural or man made disasters and facilitating a positive change in people’s attitudes towards animals.

    WSPA’s supporters include X Factor winner Leona Lewis. In a recent interview, she stated:

    "I worry about the Asian bears. I'm a big supporter of WSPA (the World Society for the Protection of Animals). The bears are kept in small cages as big as their body, their stomach cut open, a tube put in and bile extracted – a really painful process. And they keep the bear alive as long as they can just to get the bile."

    "I'm really angry with people that can do this kind of thing. There was a documentary where a bear was in a tree and they shot it in the face. That made me crazy with anger."

    This is a great cause, with an extremely competitive CPA. Start earning more today!

    If you are not already signed upto the campaign, but would like to start promoting WSPA then please follow this link: WSPA Sign Up

    If you have any questions about the campaign or would like to share your feedback about the campaign, please get in touch!

    Kind regards
    Charlotte Senger-Jones
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