As a Dad myself, I'm all too aware of the long summer kids school holidays that have just begun!

What this tends to mean for parents is that it our kids are wanting something to do / somewhere to go / things to keep them occupied etc for the next 6-8 weeks! It's also a time when parents start looking at getting their kids summer clothing, and also prepare to kit them out for the forthcoming new school term.

We've a great range of kids products from leisure clothing, to footwear, to kids accessories and garden games, and so this is a great time to promote these ranges:

Here's the full list of Kids sections on

Kids leisurewear

Kids footwear (trainers and football boots)

Kids football

Kids cricket

Kids tennis

Kids rugby

Kids F1

Kids accessories

Kids sale

We regularly promote many of these kids ranges with visuals & banners for specially created categories on Kitbag. Here are some of the current ones that may be of interest (let me know if you want any of these in specific sized banners):

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