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Thread: With limited budget, what is your #1 affiliate marketing strategy?

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    Smile With limited budget, what is your #1 affiliate marketing strategy?

    Many affiliates begin their career with a limited marketing budget.
    The cheappest and useful e-marketing strategies undoubtedly can make a newbie grow into a super affiliate. I list some affiliate marketing strategies below, I really want to know what affiliates (super and newbie) think about these marketing methods. If you have a very limited budget, what is your #1 strategy? Why?

    1. SEO
    2. Newsletter
    3. Books
    4. Blog
    5. Article
    6. Forum
    7. Offline marketing
    There is also a book named 77 ways to get traffic by Allan Gardyne. what do you think about the methods in this book?
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    Re: With limited budget, what is your #1 affiliate marketing strategy?

    I'd say to start with limited budget it's just a case of making a site you have an interest in and you can put allot of effort into as you are passionate abotu it.
    My first site helped me make a bit of money, it wasn't really SEO'd well to begin with (probably still isn't) but with the money it brought it it allowed me to try and have a bit of a play with PPC.


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    Re: With limited budget, what is your #1 affiliate marketing strategy?

    My number one strategy is hope by some fluke one of my sites is mentioned on a high traffic site and it takes off.

    I know - not a hope in hell.

    However I did win 100 pounds on the premium bonds today, so you can never say never
    Andrew Clapham - Fashion Blogger.

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    Re: With limited budget, what is your #1 affiliate marketing strategy?

    If you have a limited budget your best bet is word of mouth. If it is a useful website and you pass it onto family and friends you should see some returns. If they find it useful they will tell others. Then hopefully any money you make you can reinvest in further advertising.

    At least then you haven't had to stump up anything. Start small grow big.

    At the end of the day nothing is better than good word of mouth.
    James Zielinski

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